Perth, WA, Australia

Perth, WA, Australia

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Cable Hauled Conveyor Systems

JLV Industries Pty Ltd is a specialist manufacturing, engineering and maintenance company. Our specific area of expertise is cable belt or cable hauled conveyor systems.

Cable hauled conveyor systems are proven to be the most cost effective option for moving bulk materials where the following considerations are a factor:

  • Long distance (> 5km)
  • High throughput (> 1500 tph)
  • High Lift (from loading point to discharge point)

JLV is well positioned to be a customer's engineering expert when considering if a cable belt conveyor system is suitable for the application. JLV can assist with design development and system specification in conjunction with the contractor chosen for full system design, installation and commissioning.

image: 52 Km Overland Bauxite Conveyor at BHP Billiton Worsley, Western Australia.

Worsley Alumina

Glideseal Idler Rollers

Over a decade ago JLV developed the Glideseal Idler Roller to address problems experienced by conveyor operators relating to the premature failure of rollers in harsh environments.

Additional benefits of the unique patented design are lower vibration and noise emissions and safer handling (when specified with aluminium shell and hollow shaft).

JLV supplies Glideseal Idler Rollers to operations where proximity to noise sensitive areas demands certain restrictions are placed upon the operator relating to noise emissions.

Our Glideseal Idler Rollers can deliver a reduced TCO (total cost of ownership) when compared with standard rollers in situations where corrosion due to environment or convyed material prematurely attack roller bearings.

For cost driven projects where a very low initial capital outlay is required without sacrificing quality, please ask us about our range of standard idler rollers that we are developing in conjunction with our international partner.

image: Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal, Mackay Queensland Australia.

Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal